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Welcome on board

Unloading of cargo is the dedicated task of the cargo pumps which should be executed in a simple and easy way.

It is our challenge to deliver a cargo unloading system that will unload a vessel as fast as possible with a minimum of intervention by the operator.

The strength of our system is that it is a pumping system, with the focus on the operator and the challenge of the ship owner to have a short as possible discharging time.

We can achieve this goal by:

  • Easy parallel pumping, quick start up from zero to maximum discharge rate
  • Operator only controls the pumps, the system operates the hydraulic power pack
  • Automatic speed adjustment when reaching a low tank level
  • Automatic stripping feature, to speed up discharging time
  • Full control possible from VCS possible
  • Updates or vessel required updates and adaption can be done online and implemented by the operator

We can supply:

  • Submerged Cargo pumps
  • Submerged Ballast pumps
  • Submerged Slop pumps
  • Emergency Pumps (portable pumps)
  • Hydraulic piping on deck
  • Supply of hydraulic power packs to powe hydraulic driven pumps.

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